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Innovation of Clean Technology Low Temperature Powerful System for Multifarious Solutions engineered from Japan
The Development of the Non-Freon System

Tokyo Sanrei Mahajak (TSM) is pleased to receive the technical support by the mother company, Sanrei corporation, Japan who has been participating in the development of the low temperature cascade system particularly for the food manufacturers in the period of 2005- 2007. It is the integrated system to cover the airconditioning, the refrigeration and the freezer system together by using the propane for the preliminary refrigerant and the CO2 for the secondary refrigerant. This development has been conducted with the support by NEDO, The new energy and industrial technology development can also describe that the safety factor in the use of the natural refrigerant has been dramatically improved as of today.

TOKYO SANREI MAHAJAK (TSM) is the affiliated company of Sanrei Corporation, Japan jointly founded with Mahajak Enterprise in Thailand on July 1, 2015. Sanrei Corporation has been established in Japan since 1948. We are expertizing in the low tempurature business. The Major business of TSM is to provide the high quality of the low tempurature systems by designing and installing the production line with the suitable machine and providing the after installation maintenance and service. the low tempurature systems are for the tempurature from -50°C up to15°C. which covers most of the requirement by all industries who need the low tempurature systems The requirement for the high quality control of the low temperature system is rapidly expanded in many fields in Thailand such as for the food and beverage products, warehousing, transportation and so on.

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